Program types

Volunteer expeditions

We gather groups of 10-15 people each and go travelling for 2 weeks with a goal to make a difference. The program of each trip is organized so that you have a chance to see the country from the inside, to meet with the locals, to learn their customs and traditions, to really ‘feel the country’, and not just look at it from the tourist bus. Of course each trip is connected to some volunteer project. It can be an eco-project, education of children, help to local communities, work with animals and many-many other important and helpful kinds of projects.

If you have never travelled as a volunteer before it can be a great opportunity for you to try it out for the first time in a group of volunteers, besides you can travel with the local people and see the places where ordinary tourists can’t get into! Here’s an example of this kind of expedition to India!

Individual volunteer journey

Our programs give you the opportunity to travel all around the world on a really low budget. In exchange for some little help of 20-25 hours a week you get free accommodation and free food on most projects. We offer different programs. It can be sea turtle conservation in Costa Rica, working in a hostel in California, or working as a waitress in Cancun. It can be assistance at a farm or at a winery, teaching English to children or another from thousands of options! Learn about the programs.

All the programs have something in common:

  • Work for 20-25 hours a week
  • Free accommodation
  • Free food (not in all programs)

You will learn something new, will live in another country for free and will have an opportunity to travel on a really low budget!

Why volunteering?

  • First, it is really the cheapest way to travel (and not only in Asia) because you get free accommodation and sometimes free food which is the biggest part of the expenses in a long-term trip;
  • Secondly, you learn a new language and practise it in a natural environment with native-speakers;
  • Thirdly, it’s a wonderful way to fully understand the culture of another country, as you live and work among the local people, you have fun and learn about the most interesting attractions around also from the locals :)
  • • Fourthly, if you want to go live abroad this is the best way to ‘test’ the country, make friends with locals and get some connections there;
  • • And finally if you simply want to escape to warmer climate to avoid winter or just take a break from your annoying job, have a rest and decide what you want to do next, this is again the best, the easies, the cheapest and the most entertaining way to do so!


What is your adventure going to be like…learning horse riding in the Czech Republic, surfing lessons in Ireland, studying English in the USA, or possibly something else…We select the most interesting options and you choose your program ;)