Country: Russia


Voluntary organization Passage-Zebra and National Park “Pribaikalski” invite volunteers from different countries to restore a tourist path on the banks of great Baikal.

Baikal is the largest sweet-water lake in the world. It is the UNESCO World Heritage Site and it is situated in the south of Siberia. The project host is Pribaikalsky National Park (also spelled Pribaykalski, Russian: Прибайкальский национальный парк). It covers the southwest coast of Lake Baikal in southeastern Siberia. The coastal strip includes some mountain ridges to the west as well as offshore islands such as Olkhon Island to the east. The Angara River, which is the outflow of Lake Baikal west into the Yenisei River basin, runs through the park. The park has very high levels of biodiversity and endemic species.

Optionally, volunteers are invited to take part in pre-camp days – it will be a unique travel with a Transsiberian railway from Moscow to Irkutsk with a campleader of the group. The group will make stops in Kazan, Omsk and other cities to see all Russia on your way to Baikal lake.

Everyone, who loves nature and is ready to physical work, can apply as a volunteer to the e-mail 


Volunteer help

Volunteers are invited to work on the tourist path. It is necessary to deconstruct and rebuild again the 3 old bridges, to install information shields, to make wooded basis for tents and arrange 3 fire places. It is necessary to load and to upload woods, to remove rubbish and to arrange touristic area.  The working tasks on the tourist path will reduce the negative tourist influence on the forest and its soil. The well designed tourist path gives useful and protecting information for visitors. 


Working hours & stay duration



Group: 7 volunteers + 1 campleader


Accommodation will be in tents on the territory of Baikal national park (Pribaikalski) close to the forestry of Angosolka. Shower and banya (Russian type of sauna) will be provided. The drinking water  is from the water spring. Cooking - on the fire. Generally, the water in the lake Baikal is so clean, that it is drinkable just as it is. 


All food will be provided

Language knowledge


Additional information


The south of Baikal lake – Staraya Angasolka, 2 h 40 min from Irkutsk with a local train. It is a part of the Pribaikalski natural park. It is about 50 km southeast of the city of Irkutsk, Irkutsk Oblast. It is possible to reach Irkutsk by train or by plane.


Excursions: Circum-Baikal Express trip is a must-have journey for Baikal first-timers.  Volunteers can join a travel with an old fashioned train and observe breathtaking views on the Baikal historical railway – the miracle of engineering skills. The volunteers can visit museum of Roerich – the Russian philosopher, traveler and painter of Himalaya and Tibet, the mysterious searcher of shambhala. The volunteers will surely take a round tour in the Pribaikalski natural park.

Everyone, who loves nature and is ready to physical work, can apply as a volunteer to the e-mail 


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